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Everything You Need To Know About LSD.
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Who uses LSD?


Unfortunatly we are not aware of how many citizens abuse of LSD, but there are much more then we like to acknowledge.


Individuals of all ages use LSD, its estamated that 742,000 people between 12-17 tried LSD at least once in the United States.
4.5 Million people were between 18 -25.
Actually,8% of teenages have tried LSD in their schools, and 4% of the citizens from the United States have tried LSD last year.
Overall 20.2 Million U.S residents over 12 years old.



Although LSD is used in bathrooms, homes, work, schools, it is mostly known as a ' Club Drug' where people would actualy use the drug for its high of delusions and hallucination. Crazy right? actually most people get addicted to this sensation from going out clubbing trying it out once or twice, and seeking to have more of that sensation.


LSD is, by mass, one of the most potent drugs yet discovered. Dosages of LSD are measured in micrograms, or millionths of a gram. By comparison, dosages of almost all other drugs, both recreational and medical, are measured in milligrams, or thousandths of a gram.

Everthing you NEEDED to know...