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Everything You Need To Know About LSD.

What are the risks?

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 LSD has alot of effect and risks, but here are a few ideas to see if someone you know has been using LSD.
-dry mouth
-loss of appatite
-high blood preasure
-dialated puples
-increased heart rate
-higher body temperature
-mood swings
-personality changes


Although the short time risks don't seem that bad, LSD can actualy lead to post-hallucinations,the fear of losing control,despair,terrifying thoughts and feelings,flash-backs,perceptal disorders,violent bihavior,disorted perception of time,long lasting psychoses,sever depression, and even shizophrenia-like symptoms.


LSD produces such a strong effect that it causes you to have hallucinations and delusions, this drug may cause you to have sever flash-backs. Flash-backs make you go back in time to a certain time and place which you re-live the moment. Although we may think it would be a nice expierence, the flash-backs which LSD produces are mostly the ones which we would want to forget.

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