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Everything You Need To Know About LSD.
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Where does LSD come from?


      LSD is a illigal substance also known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, which was discoverd in 1938.
       The man which invented LSD was Albert Hofmann,which was born January 11,1906. He was born in Baden,Switzerlin.He studied chemistry at the University of Zurich.



You see,Albert Hofmann loved to have new expierences. Hofmann was doing a research on Lysergic Acid,this then led to the synthesis of LSD in 1938. It was only 5 years later though that he discoverd how powerful LSD really was after absorbing LSD through his fingertips.He consummed 250 micrograms of LSD, which is far more than a usual dose. He then did experiments on him-self and other colleagues.


LSD was actually used on the British soldiers who went to war during 1955.The drug was put in there drink every morning, not even 25 minutes later you could see the drug started to affect their bodies.The men started to laugh and giggle. The nurses put so much LSD in their drinks that some soldiers where unable to function their radios and communication between each other was nearly impossible. The soldiers were so delusional that one climbed a tree to feed a bird.


''Highly potent hallucinogenic drug. An organic compound, LSD can be derived from the alkaloids ergotamine and ergonovine, found in the ergot fungus, but most LSD is produced synthetically. It can block the action of the neurotransmitter serotonin and produces marked deviations from normal perceptions and behaviour lasting 8 – 10 hours or longer. Mood shifts, time and space distortions, and impulsive behaviour may progress to paranoia and aggression. Flashbacks to LSD-induced hallucinations can occur years later. LSD is not an approved drug, and no clinically valuable uses have been found for it.''

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